On behalf of the Board of the United States Army Chaplain Corps Regimental Association, I take this opportunity to wish all of you a Blessed Holiday Season. We are a diverse, special family of civilian educators and support personnel, Chaplain Assistants, and Chaplains who have come to know some of the richness that each tradition brings and to appreciate asking and being asked to share an experience of another faith’s Holy Day. What a blessing we have received when we were called into ministry to the broader Army and Armed Forces families. We are a band of brothers and sisters who share vivid memories of Holiday Seasons deployed and away from our family and friends. Our ministry has not been without cost, but it has purchased for us a fuller and deeper experience of God working in our world.


                We lift in our prayers those of our chaplain family ministering to deployed soldiers asking for good competent leaders and disciplined followers. We pray for their health and safety. We intercede for their families asking you to be with them, nurture and nourish them, surround them with your faithfulness and love. Bless them this season with the riches of your righteousness, compassion and love, in order that they may be content and fulfilled by the work you have called them to do.

                We lift up to you our enemies. Break their will to resist and fight. Help them to see that in the ‘killing and breaking things,’ they also break themselves. Fighting in war breaks us all. Help us to lay down our arms and share deep prophetic dream of a time when ‘we will learn war no more.’

                For those so distressed by their participation in war that they do violence to friends, neighbors, family and to themselves, steer them to helpers who are empathic, non-judgmental, filled with positive regard for their fellow human beings, and those who can listen to the deep narrative of life lived  in an imperfect world.

                To all who mourn and are in sorrow give comfort, love, and uplifting memories. To those hampered by illness and sickness of body and mind bring healing. To those whose marriages are filled with discordant sounds, bring joyful melodies that heal.

                Surrounded by the devastation of war and a weary economy, help us see, feel your touch and hear the smoothing voice of your love. Surround us with the joy of these Holy Days and Seasons.


Chaplain (COL) Herman Keizer, Jr.

President of USACCRA