Stories are Powerful

Dear Chaplain Family,

Stories have a powerful impact on people and we chaplains know the value of telling stories and of stories told. Most of the sacred documents in our religious communities are filled with stories: history; parables; midrashim; proverbs; myths; and other kinds of narratives. Educational research has discovered that narratives are carriers and teachers of social, spiritual, personal, moral and religious values. History is the accumulation of individual stories that become part of a mega-narrative that influences us all as we live out the narratives we have heard and live in our culture.

This undertaking by some of our senior leaders is worthy of our support. It is a way to gather up experiences as a Chaplain Corps in the founding and forming of our unique form of government. Our history is a reflection of the experience of the Divine in a community where freedom of religion is an unalienable right given to us by a Creator God. A right we as a Corps has protected and fostered in our military communities. We all have experienced this wonderful freedom in a multi-faith organization and have made friends from faith communities that often surprises us and the faith community that sent us into this body of chaplains.

So I encourage you all to put pen to paper or the use the power of the computer age to send the word over the electronic media. Have your memories become part of the Army chaplain mega-narrative.

Herman Keizer, Jr.
President of USACCRA.

Letter from Herman Keizer Jr